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Control, Communications and Power Supplies for a Game--Changing new Flat Panel Antenna - No dish, no moving parts. Design and analysis.

High precision analog measurement products - Design and analysis. Used in industrial applications.

Laser-based Products --- Performing the design and analysis of specialized switching power supplies used to drive lasers over a wide variety of power levels. Products are used by the US Military and a number of Police departments.

New Medical Instrumentation --- Performed worst case analyses of digital, analog, linear and switching power supplies, loading, timing, and power dissipation on a number of designs, as well as analysis of FPGA Verilog code. Recommended and instituted design improvements.

Medical Instrumentation
--- Performed a detailed product definition effort, as well as developed a large, extensive and at times highly complex VHDL design, with detailed simulation and documentation in the effort to meet those requirements.

New Satellite Thruster Controller ---
Improved thruster controller design, working with another Digital Engineer, helped complete the design in full VHDL, no schematic capture. Also completed detailed power, loading and timing analyses, with complete design documentation package.

Two Satellite Thruster Controllers ---
We were brought in by one of our repeat clients to work on two new satellite thruster controllers. Both designs are very different from each other. One controls a considerable amount of power, generating a fair amount of force. The other simply controls a very small amount of power, generating a very small force. In Space it doesn't take much force to slowly move tons of satellite.

Another Satellite Design --- Our firm was called in to assist with the digital electronics for another spacecraft design. Andrews & Associates Engineering, Inc.And we were involved in layout of one of their boards. Our client also had the need for a Graphical User Interface (GUI). One of our Software Engineers was called in to write the GUI. The entire application was designed, written, and debugged in two weeks. This package received many compliments.

Precision Measuring Device --- One of our clients was designing an instrument to make precision measurements using a patented approach they had developed. We were called in to design circuitry that would interface to their measurement circuitry, as well as perform various other functions. We successfully completed the design, working closely with theirSoftware Engineers.

Thruster Controller --- We designed the thruster control electronics for a spacecraft, integrated into several Field Andrews & Associates Engineering, Inc.Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) designs. These Integrated Circuits (IC's) provide the many unique timing signals required to turn on and off various circuits. Extensive worst case power, loading, and timing analyses were performed to ensure the extremely high reliability mandatory in Space flight.

I/O Intensive Controller Board
--- The initial design was based on Motorola's MC68360 communications processor which uses a CPU32 core. Our client needed to support several communications modes, using software to easily change operation to match their customer's varied requirements.

External circuitry included an IEEE interface. Additional hardware, i.e. "hooks", were placed in the design to allow an Ethernet interface to be included. The board was up and working when the Software Engineers decided they needed even more speed. Our client asked us to come back and remove the MC68360 and replace it with the more powerful MPC860 which we did.

Andrews & Associates Engineering, Inc.Video Color Graphics --- Our firm designed a PC plug-in card that took gray scale converting each level real-time into a software selectable color. We also handled text and graphics.

Another client had us convert a standard monochrome Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) on a portable piece of equipment to a color Thin Film Technology (TFT) LCD display. We were also involved in writing portions of the software used to debug and test the design.

Large Crane Positioning Controller --- A very large crane needed an improved positioning controller. The system we developed allowed the operator to use joysticks to easily maneuver the crane sections.

Spread Spectrum Technology Radios --- Two separate clients have had us integrate Spread Spectrum Technology (SST) radios in their equipment. The advantage of SST is that the Federal Communications Commission does not require a site license for each radio, and these radios have fairly good transmission range. The energy of the transmission is spread over a broad spectrum of frequencies, meaning the energy level at a particular frequency is relatively low.

Ethernet --- Our firm designed an Ethernet repeater, and aided in the development of the substantial amount of software needed to communicate over the repeater. While completing this project, we were asked by our client to study another of their products to find why it exhibited intermittent problems. Performing a detailed timing analysis, we found the problem, and proposed and implemented the successful solution.

Andrews & Associates Engineering, Inc.Moving-Display Controller --- An innovative advertising display designed by one of our clients needed a specialized controller which we successfully developed.

Light Metering System --- Our firm designed and developed the hardware and the embedded software for a light intensity measurement system. We also designed and developed the PC based system level software used to automate the calibration of the device.

Cellular Radio System Controller --- One client asked us to take multiple circuit boards and a lot of hand intensive assembly and wiring, and give them back one board that was more reliable, manufacturable, and specific to their needs. We successfully completed that design.

Andrews & Associates Engineering, Inc.Audio Products --- Four of our Engineers and one technician were involved in designing an audio application. The system included a Digital Signal Processor (DSP), precision, low noise analog circuitry, extensive software development, and Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA).

Design and Debug Tools --- Our firm has the C compilers, assemblers, and software simulators for embedded software design, and C/C compiler, assembler, and debugger for system level software design. We also have the complete Altera Quartus™ and Xilinx development tools for the design of Complex Programmable Logic Devices (CPLDs) and Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs). Our company uses the latest OrCAD schematic capture. We have considerable experience with Cadence's Concept schematic capture package. We also design in the high level VHDL language and we have powerful analog simulation and analyses tools. Several Printed Circuit Board (PCB) layout tools are used by our Circuit Board Layout Designers, allowing us to select the methods that best meet our clients' varied needs. And the same is true with our Mechanical CAD capabilities. Our hardware debug tool experience includes various evaluation boards, emulators, logic analyzers, serial analyzers, oscilloscopes, waveform generators, and much more.

Altera / Xilinx / Actel CPLD's and FPGA's, and Texas Instruments DSP's --- We have considerable experience in the design of Altera and Actel's Complex Programmable Logic Devices (CPLDs) and Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs), using their powerful design tools. Several of our projects use these parts to reduce board space requirements, add flexibility to the designs, conserve power, and improve product reliability by reducing overall parts count. They reduce inventory and the associated costs, as one part can be programmed for several different applications. We also have design experience with Xilinx's FPGAs. Our Digital Signal Processing (DSP) expertise focuses on the broad Texas Instruments family of DSP processors. We have branched out to other DSP manufacturers as well. We also have the ability to embed processors with FPGAs, and develop the software which they operate.

Andrews & Associates Engineering, Inc. Motorola / Intel / Microchip Technology Processors ---- Our product designs have included the Motorola 6800/02, 68X05, 68HC11, 68HC16, 68000, 68008, and their powerful communications processors, the 68360 and MPC860, with an option for the 68160 Ethernet transceiver. We've also completed many designs with the Intel 8X48, 8X31/51, 8085, 80152, 80186, 80188, and 80596SX. Several of our other projects have used various members of the Microchip Technology "PIC" family of single-chip RISC-like (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) processors. One family of products we have developed using the PIC processors allows disabled people to play the Nintendo game systems, full speed, with many added special capabilities.

Worst Case Analyses and PCB Layout --- Whether our firm does the product design, or we are called in to analyze someone else's work, we conduct thorough, detailed worst case analyses. These analyses include power dissipation, capacitive and resistive loading, and signal timing. Our firm has extensive experience in proper components placement, power and signal filtering, grounding and shielding, impedance matching of signals to reduce transmission line effects, and overall organization of PCB documentation for layout. We also take into account reliability, manufacturability, testability, and cost goals. Our goal is to help our clients improve their products, while attempting to contain costs. Some of the hidden costs we deal with include the reduction of field failures and no-problems-found, lower MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) / MTTF (Mean Time To Failure) rates, and reduced warrantee, maintenance and repair costs. All of which can lead to happier customers and increased profits.

Andrews & Associates Engineering, Inc. Safety Engineering, FCC and European Community (EC) Certifications --- Our firm has many years of experience in Safety Engineering, both U.S. and international. We also have considerable expertise in FCC/EC test and certification Engineering. We help clients determine what is necessary to meet the complex and often confusing safety and EMI/RFI specifications and regulations. We also provide EMI/RFI testing, documentation, and technical assistance in the certification process. Prior to formal certification, our firm can do preliminary testing and analysis of your product at local EMI/RFI test sites, to determine if design changes would improve your chances of passing the formal tests. And we have the Design Engineers whom you can call on to help you make those changes if deemed necessary. Our firm can also assist you with self certification when determined it is permissible.

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